What’s the Good Word

by Doug MacRostie

I strive to earn people’s business, and I don’t mean that as a catch phrase. I really work for it. And while I know it sounds cliche, I do my best to treat customers the way I want to be treated when buying a car: friendly, helpful, and honest.

Most people talking to a Car Salesman don’t necessarily trust ‘em. I respect that – I never really thought much of salesmen either…

And the direct quotes listed below will display my level of success at earning their business :)

Mandy in Grand Rapids, “Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it and i will definately reccomend you to any one that will listen. Really…thanks i absolutely LOVE the car. It is what Ive always wanted.”

Tom in Deer River, “Update: the VW made it to Warroad, Thief River, Warroad and back without a hitch last weekend. Many thanks!”

Karen in Grand Rapids, “We took the car to Duluth tonight for school shopping and we are truly really excited about it!  It fits us great and the kids are so excited!  Thank you for all you have done and YOUR patience! ha!  So, it is YOU that rocks! :D”

Becky from Grand Rapids, “Glad that we could make things happen today! This wasn’t the “bad”experience that I’ve had before when buying a car :D:D

Carolyn in Grand Rapids, “Thanks for the concern.  Car is running great. Have saved a lot of money as far as filling the tank goes!”

Nate in Grand Rapids, “Thanks Doug.  You’re a great salesman and I would go back to you anytime.”

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