March 10, 2013

Show Me Your Best Doodle for a Prize Package from Rapids Ford

by Doug MacRostie

Ready… Set… GO!!!

Doodling on Douglas has begun and submissions have been flooding in.

Uninitiated? It’s simple: find the Rapids Ford ad in the Grand Rapids Herald and get creative on my face :) Some of you have requested a digital copy so you have a Rapids Ford hat to sport somewhere beyond Itasca County. That’s rad!

Here you go:20130310-133753.jpg

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February 14, 2013

Doodling on Douglas, a Contest in Real Life

by Doug MacRostie

It’s contest time again, and for this round you’ll have to sharpen your pencils, grab your favorite pen or get a little crazy with the white out. Introducing Doodling on Douglas:

It's a monocle

It’s a monocle, by Zax of Max

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February 2, 2013

Will Lincoln’s #SteerTheScript Win the Super Bowl Ad War?

by Doug MacRostie

Lincoln is as American as luxury apple pie; the car of presidents and mafia bosses alike. From the legendary Hotrod Lincolns to the king of the road Continental, it’s a brand that helped define modern America.

But, sometimes you need to be proud of your past AND actively defining your future, and I am excited to say Lincoln has spent years gearing up for a true revitalization of the brand, and the big debut of the new campaign will be during the Super Bowl tomorrow.

Why is it time to redefine Lincoln?

It’s no secret that the Lincoln cars of old (anything before the MK series launched) while classic, beautiful, and with a dedicated following, tended to appeal to a finely aged crowd. It was all in the name, with little concern for class-leading features or cutting edge technology.

The new Lincoln MKZ is going to change all of that. Right Now.

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January 28, 2013

I Just Gave Away a 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang… Poster

by Doug MacRostie


This last week I had a contest running: score 50% or better on my Ford Mustang quiz for a chance to win a 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang…


Here’s the correct answers:

1) What year did the Ford Mustang debut?
Extra Credit: What Month and Day?

1964, commonly referred to as 1964½ due to it’s unusual release date, April 17th Continue reading


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