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May 14, 2011

Klobuchar is a Gleek?! She’s Got My Vote!

by Doug MacRostie

In the wide world of political fundraising it’s often not what you do, but who you know. Just watch the guest lists grow as we approach next election cycle. But I’m used to all the “big guns”; Bill Clinton will make an appearance? Yippee. Newt Gingrich will do a presentation? Woopitty doo.

Klobuchar is doing a fundraiser at a Glee concert in Washington? Now you’ve got my attention.

May 13, 2011

Governor’s Fishing Opener to be Greeted by Protect Our Manoomin Rally

by Doug MacRostie

There is a long standing tradition for the Governor of Minnesota to celebrate the Walleye fishing opener on one of our many wonderful lakes. But this year it won’t just be anglers, but also people concerned for the future of wild rice, aka Manoomin, gathering.

Action Alert: tomorrow, Sat., May 14th, 7am @ Zorbaz, 5 miles south of Grand Rapids.

As described on the Facebook event page, Protect Our Manoomin is hosting this rally as part of their continued efforts to create awareness of the wild rice sulfate standard. Current legislation that will negatively impact wild rice is expected to pass

May 5, 2011

“How many more gay people does God have to create…”

by Doug MacRostie

This morning when I heard there was a viral video about the gay rights debate in MN circulating the internet, “Great,” I thought, “Another speech from Michele Bachmann…”. Turns out a video of Rep. Steve Simon, DFL-St. Louis Park, MN has gone viral, with over 170,000 views on YouTube as of this morning.

After a vote to put a gay marriage ban on the 2012 ballot Rep. Simon talks about the use of religious rhetoric in the debate and the argument of innate sexuality. He asks everyone to ask themselves, “If sexual orientation is innate, God given…how many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?”.

Here’s the video of Rep. Steve Simon:

April 22, 2011

Better the Trickler Than the Trickled

by Doug MacRostie

There is more happening around Northern MN than my wife and I could possibly attend. That got me  wishing we had millions of $$$ to spend on all the different local artists, causes, and events we’d like to support. Maybe frequent some cool independent businesses. Fund solar dirigible research and development. Establish a massive yearly MN music and arts festival. You get the idea.

It’s a rant I  indulge in regularly: “I know how to boost the local economy: just give me $10,500,000 to spend! I would buy local and and infuse the area with riches and happiness. I would spread the wealth and stimulate the economy like a mofo.”


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